Little Patch

Little Patch is the upcoming animated series featuring our hero, The JuiceMan and his friends. Our stories take place in a magical place down in Jamaica called “Little Patch”. 

These stories portray the rich cultural treasure that embodies the Jamaican experience with characters and situations that most Caribbean children and parents can identify with.

In our community of Little Patch, there are several lovable characters who all come together to make life enjoyable in their ‘little patch’ of Jamaica.

The JuiceMan, our hero, and operator of the popular natural juice bar in Little Patch is always offering a smile, a story or a listening ear.  He is trusted and loved by the entire community where his advice inspires lives daily. 


Members of the community include:

  • Officer Bobo - Little Patch’s resident crime fighter with a big heart
  • Tricky Tyrone - Little Patch's prankster and trickster. Luckily, officer Bobo is not far behind to foil his hijinx
  • Christopher - A fun loving big brother to Jody and a talented aspiring athlete
  • Jody - Christopher's sister and a lovable little girl who brings joy to Little Patch
  • Alice - Little Patch's family doctor who is there for every cut, scrape and bruise
  • Freddie the Fireman - Our really cool fireman who is never too busy to teach a lesson in fire safety
  • Miss Allbright - At Little Patch Primary, one of the greatest teachers of all time spends her days
  • Chrissy the Crocodile - Little Patch’s grumpy river dwelling environmentalist



About Us

The JuiceMan's purpose is to impart positive Caribbean values and attitudes, free from religious or political influences to children through the use of localised stories, games and other activities.

Our Mission is to Create, Educate and Inspire the next generation of big dreamers.


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