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Mobile Apps 02 October 2014

Amira and the Bear

The story of Amira and the Bear takes place on the sunny beach of Hellshire, Jamaica. This fully-interactive touch app is the story of a little girl named Amira and her brother Emanuel who learn that kindness and being a friend can go a far way in brightening the day of everyone they come across.

This APP will allow children to become a part of the story through fun interactions to bring the elements on the pages to life. At the end of the app, the lessons are reinforced through a quiz, A game and colouring book that explodes with interactive fun!

- Choose Auto-play, Read to Me (with phrase by phrase highlighting), or Read to Myself
- Tap all over the images for great animations and sounds
- Soothing narration of the story and rocking island music
- A Build your own sandcastle game featuring flags, seashells and other cool decorations
- Colouring Activity with 3 brush sizes and a full colour palette
- Quiz reinforcing the lessons learned through the story
- Save Photos of artwork you create to your devices photo reel!


About Us

The JuiceMan's purpose is to impart positive Caribbean values and attitudes, free from religious or political influences to children through the use of localised stories, games and other activities.

Our Mission is to Create, Educate and Inspire the next generation of big dreamers.


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