Other 18 August 2014

About Us

The JuiceMan™ was built around a fictional character (a juice man) who provides a wealth of insight into Jamaican history and culture to the many that interact with him. His community of Little Patch and its residents come alive through the use of animation, puppetry, digital storytelling and games.

The name The JuiceMan was chosen because the juice vendor is a relevant community member of the Jamaican experience and the natural juice he sells represents what is wholesome, nutritious and good for you. Things The JuiceMan brand stand for.

The JuiceMan is anchored by an interactive website full of Jamaican facts and figures, puzzles and trivia with an online store that sells apparel, posters, post cards and other items that feature the JuiceMan’s image (www.juicemanonline.com).

 In addition, there are print and mobile storybook apps, mobile games and a soon to be released animated series that all feature The JuiceMan sold through retailers such as ITunes, Google Play, Toys r Us and Amazon.