How to Play 1,2,3 Redlight!

1 2 3 Red light!

1 2 3 red light is a fun, easy to learn game that children of all ages can play. Even adults can enjoy a round or two of this game. All it requires are quick feet, alert eyes and self control! Here is how you play!



  • 3 or more players required and playing in an open area is ideal
  • One player stands at the front while the others are about 15 feet away from him or her
  • The singled out player turns away from the others and say “1 2 3 red light’. The others try to reach him or her before he or she turns around. The aim is to not be seen while moving. Whoever is seen upon the target person turning around has to return to the starting point. This is continued until someone reaches that person. The winner takes over and the game starts again.
  • This can continue for as long as the players wish and players are allowed to move in whatever way they desire (eg. Run, walk skip etc).

How to Play Hop Scotch


Hopscotch is a perfect game to help you improve your balance and aiming skills. It is also very fun to play! Once you start you can literally go on for hours. Here is how you play.



  • Piece of chalk (any colour)
  • Small rock/coin/bean bag for each player
  • Clear pavement
  • 2 or more players



  • Use chalk and make course based on the diagram above.
  • The object of the game is for each player to complete course (hopping). The first person to complete one course for every numbered square wins.
  • The game is played with the first player tossing their marker/stone into the first square. The marker must land inside the square without touching a line or bouncing out. If this is successfully done, the player hops through the course, skipping the square with the stone. Single squares must me hopped in using one foot. Side by side squares are straddled ie, left foot in left square and right foot in right square. Square marked safe/home is neutral and can be hopped through in any manner without penalty.

    After the player hops in the safe/home square, he/she must then turn around, continuing in the same manner heading back to where he/she started. When the player reaches the square with their marker, it must be retrieved (still on one leg depending on square they are in).

    After this is done, the player must continue until there are no more squares to hop in. They continue, throwing their marker in the next square immediately after the one that was just used. A player ‘s turn ends if he/she steps on a line, miss a square, step in a single square with both legs,  steps in a square with another player’s marker or loses balance.

How to Play Bull Inna Pen

This is a tense, rough and super exciting game, much loved by every child (and adults) in Jamaica.

This game is basically a story of a mother hen and her chicken, a bull in the pen and a hawk.

The mother hen is protecting her brood who are tightly lined up behind her, each little chick clutching tightly onto each other and in step with every move that mother hen does.

The Bull is standing a couple feet in front of mother hen, taunting and jeering, making noise, and trying everything to reach behind Mother Hen to grab one of her precious chicks. The game has a song and little play to hit ... here goes-

BULL: Chick, chick, chick?!
Mother Hen: Mi nuh waan nuh corn!
BULL: Chick, chick, chick?!
Mi nuh waan nuh corn!
BULL: Look pon dah peel head one dey!
Mother Hen: Mek him 'tan' (leave him alone)!
BULL: Look pan dah cross yeye one dey
Mother Hen: Mek him 'tan!
BULL: Look pon dah knock knee one dey!
Mother Hen: Mek him 'tan!

Chick chick chick
Mi nuh waan nuh chick

After the bull exhaust his efforts in grabbing one of Mother Hen's chick, a warning is let out that Bredda Hawk is zooming down to grab one