Mobile Apps 02 October 2014

Island Ride: Discover Jamaica

Island Ride: Discover Jamaica is an interactive, educational and fun mobile game that features the sights, sounds and scenery of Jamaica. The game features 'Little Patch's' hero, The JuiceMan, who has lost his Juice Bar to a great hurricane. Up to 2 Players race around Jamaica to find the parts needed to re-assemble the bar in order to help him rebuild his business and win the game, learning as they go!

Along their journey, players are exposed to various aspects of the Jamaican way of life while completing a number of activities. These are:

Playing Caribbean themed mini games to win additional cash
Answering multiple choice trivia questions about Jamaican history and culture
Testing your knowledge about attractions and other places of interest in Jamaica
Purchasing Jamaican food like patties and jerk chicken at restaurants so you don’t run out of energy
Purchasing gas so you don’t get stuck along the way
Managing your money earned by saving in the bank and withdrawing when necessary
Avoiding other misfortunes such as hurricanes, road blocks, construction work and other setbacks
Purchasing other items such as radar detectors, turbo boosters that will aid players in getting the lead on the competition